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There are times when life doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped. Despite your best efforts, you find yourself having to deal with difficult life challenges. You are not alone. We can help. Schedule your consult today! We offer many counseling options including marriage counseling, couples counseling, premarital counseling, individual therapy, sex addiction therapy, trauma therapy, including EMDR for the spectrum of traumas.


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Anger, Grief, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Loneliness, Sex Addiction.Chances are you’ve experienced one or more of these conditions during this last week. Now you don’t have to face them alone. San Jose Counseling offers you a way to cope and heal.

Develop Strong Relationships

Learn to communicate better, affirm one another, and recognize each other’s needs. Whether the flame is burning brightly or barely smoldering, together we can put more light and warmth in your relationship or marriage.

Overcoming Sex Addiction

With the increased accessibility to sexual content, like internet pornography, more and more people are finding themselves addicted and unable to manage their personal and professional lives. You don’t need to suffer. There is a way out.

Breaking Free from Love Addiction

In our fairytale world, many of us struggle to make healthy relationship and find ourselves chasing romantic endeavors without success, leaving us more hurt and broken. You don’t need to be alone.

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Sex Addiction Recovery

  • October 12th, 2013

Sex addiction is the use of sex and/or pornography to address non-sexual, emotional needs.  Countless [...]

What Client’s Say

Invia’s advice and input have been instrumental in my life. He has helped me make life-changing decisions and to have confidence in knowing that my choices are positive and healthy.
Single Female, San Jose, CA
After several months of counseling and little progress, we were referred to Invia for couples’ counseling. With Invia’s professional help, almost immediately our marriage took a positive turn, and after being “stuck” for many many months, we were able to move forward. We would highly recommend him.
Couple, San Jose, CA
Invia listens patiently, and shares insights in a hopeful light. I leave his office with a renewed sense of hope, knowing that I have been heard, understood, and accepted. He challenges me to face difficult circumstances and relationships, and helps me see the way to grow through them.
Single Male, Sunnyvale, CA
Invia’s direction, guidance and relationship tools gave us the opportunity to make a choice to work toward strengthening our marriage. Our sessions with Invia brought us to the realization that there was hope for us because we were willing to accept the other person’s feelings as valid and not as right or wrong. With Invia’s help we learned to respect each other and each day it gets easier and easier.
Couple, Sunnyvale, CA