According to California licensed clinical social workder, Laney Cline King, family therapy is a type of psychotherapy that aims to decrease conflict and stress by correcting the styles of communication between family members.  Although family therapists frequently endeavor to gather all the family members (impacted by the issue) in the office, that goal is not always attainable or required.  What differentiates family therapy from individual counseling is its viewpoint or foundation, not the number of people who show up in the therapy session.  This form of treatment deems issues as patterns or structures that need modifying, instead of viewing the individual person as the only one having the issues.

King further states that “Family” is described as anyone who represents a long-term caring role in one’s life, which may not necessarily involve blood relations or family members living in the same house.

Family relationships are seen as significant for good mental health, notwithstanding all family members partaking in the therapy process.  King concludes that it is an optimal counseling approach for helping family members adapt to an immediate family member plagued with an addiction, health problems or a psychological disorder.  It is also recommended for improving communication and reducing conflict.