freudgenoOne of the questions families ask when they come to therapy is, “what can I expect in the first few sessions?” One of the first things that need to be established is recognizing the reason why your family has sought counseling. Once the issues have been identified, we will work together to first describe and define a genogram. This family “map,” if you will, is going to be used to understand how your family of origin and now your nuclear (or step-family) have influenced each other and contributed to your current situation

This map is used to navigate how your family relationships interact to your recent challenges and why you have chosen
family therapy. Now that we understand this at a level from which
we can work, you will then set the goals for our time together.

Some of the issues that we have successfully worked through with families are:

• Sibling Rivalry

• Boundaries with Teens/Kids

• Creating/Enhancing the Family Structure

• Communication

• Family Triangulations