Sexual Addiction

Sex Addiction Recovery

Sex addiction is the use of sex and/or pornography to address non-sexual, emotional needs.  Countless people from different cultures struggle with this condition, which not only disrupts their everyday life, but it also destroys it in the process. Sex addiction recovery is the person’s journey in not only uncovering all the pain and shame that fuels this compulsive behavior, but also maintaining sobriety by making wholesome, healthy decisions.

What is Sex Addiction and Sex Addiction Recovery

Sexual Addiction RecoverySex addiction is progressive in nature, and it progresses gradually, in stages, during which time, the addict becomes increasingly detached from friends, family and the real world.  Think of a continuum, where on one end is no use for sexual activity and on the opposite end is sex addiction.  Between these two polar opposites, there is some sexual use, followed by misusing sex, abusing sex until one ends up in the extreme end: sex addiction.  Ultimately, the addictive cycle ends with serious guilt and shame, and when this cycle runs long enough, the addict’s life becomes unmanageable resulting in possible legal, financial or personal distress.  If you are reading this, and resonate with the descripition above, then you can stop the cycle and start your sex addiction recovery today.

Even if one does not exhibit all the symptoms or severity of sex addiction now, the misuse and abuse of sex (such as compulsively masturbating to pornography, frequenting gentleman’s clubs and sexual massage parlors, or paying escorts) quickly impacts one’s ability to have sex in a healthy way.  During the “thrill of the hunt,” the individual experiences an imense pleasure, which takes place in the reward pathway of the brain.  Over a […]

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Sexual Addiction Counseling

Although this is not the case for all sexual addicts, for many addicts their sexual addiction has its roots in trauma endured during their childhood.  According to Dr. Patrick Carnes in his book, “Contrary to Love” his research showed that 97% of sex addicts were emotionally abused, 72% were physically abused and 81% were sexually abused.

Therefore, treatment will entail fellowship in support groups (like 12-step meetings) and some form of counseling.  In relation to sexual addiction counseling, the addict has some options from which to choose such as: individual counseling, twelve step programs or support groups.  It is recommended that the addict pursues a combination of either individual sexual addiction counseling or group sexual addiction counseling in conjunction with a twelve step program.

So, once an individual decides to pursue sexual addiction counseling, what will therapy look like?

Sexual Addiction CounselingThe goal of sexual addiction counseling will not revolve around abolishing sex altogether, but rather, to find alternate ways to cope with stress, anxiety or emotional pain.  In other words, sexual addiction counseling will require the addict to learn to place sex in its proper context.

One of the first things accomplished in sexual addiction counseling is to understand the cycle of sexual addiction.  Here, the addict will get an understanding of short and long term events that have contributed to his stress and anxiety.

Next, the therapist will help the addict identify some possible triggers (people, places, things, thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make one feel anxious or stressed and want to act out).

Finally, due to the abuse in the addict’s family of origin, a majority of the sexual addiction counseling will entail grief work around the trauma and […]