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Marriage and Couples Counseling Sunnyvale Ca

At San Jose Counseling, our therapists provide couples counseling and marriage counseling to those in Sunnyvale, CA.  We believe everyone deserves to have a successful marriage, and that includes Sunnyvale, CA. We will equip you with the right tools to succeed in your marriage or relationship. Sunnyvale Ca is a gorgeous city in a prime location in silicon valley and close to our offices.

 Professional Marriage and Couples Counseling for Sunnyvale Ca residents

There is plenty of material about how you can strengthen your marriage or relationship. Of course, communication is often one of the items on the top of the list. However, a successful marriage requires far more than just communication. Your core beliefs, values, and family background are impacting your marriage. If you have suffered trauma that is untreated, it can negatively impact your relationship.  When a spouse suffers from addictions or mental disorders, the weight of those problems can hurt the couple. It’s important not to let time pass by without addressing these issues. At San Jose Counseling, with marriage counseling or couples counseling, we are confident that we can provide you the skills and tools for to succeed.
marriage counseling and couples counseling in  sunnyvale

You can regain control of your marriage or relationship. You can fall in love again, and this time with greater intimacy, understanding and depth.  In marriage counseling or couples counseling, our counselors can help you identify the areas in your marriage that need work and help you maximize your strengths.


At San Jose Counseling, Invia A. Betjoseph, LMFT, CSAT is a specialized couple’s counselor. He is well known and respected in the Bay Area, including Sunnyvale, CA. He specializes […]

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Couples & Marriage Counseling Therapy Campbell Ca

You can have a successful marriage. At San Jose Counseling we assist our neighbors looking for couples and marriage counseling in Campbell Ca. Campbell ca  is just one of the many cities in santa clara county and it neighbors san jose.  The therapists at San Jose Counseling provide couples counseling and marriage counseling in san jose to many different couples. Some of our couples come in for maintenance and to learn a few techniques to spice up their marriage. To turn on the intimacy level. Others have difficult marriages or are in real trouble. Whatever your situation may be, we have couples counseling or marriage counseling services that will work for you.

 Local Campbell Ca Marriage an Couples Counseling couples counseling campbell ca

If you and your spouse are caught in a bad cycle, let us help you. Most couples argue about the same issues, in the same way, around the same time. It slowly chips away at the marriage. The love you had for your spouse seems to slip away. Instead, you may be so angry that you resent your spouse. With marriage counseling, we can equip you so that you can get out of this cycle. We will provide you practical tools to catch the cycle before it happens to change the dynamic in your relationship.


Reignite the passion of your marriage or relationship. Fall in love again, and this time with a deeper level of intimacy and understanding.  Couples who nurture their marriage have more long-lasting and satisfying relationships. Professional marriage counseling provides you the safe environment to find out what may really be going on in your marriage so you can save it.


Invia A. Betjoseph, […]

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